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African Hair Braiding

Talented Hands African Hair Braiding Specialists

African Hair Braiding allows you to give your hair a rest with a protective style. It’s an easy and stylish way to forget about having to restyle your hair for months. Especially for those with the strong hair texture which can hold braids well. Braiding is beautiful, but it does take time and meticulous attention to get the best look possible. Since it does take time, we offer a comfortable environment for you that’s warm and social.


Care and maintenance are important to keeping your braids looking their best. We’ve got the best natural hair care products made from nut oils, vitamins, plant extracts. Feed your hair with great nutrients and get protection form humidity, UV damage and heat. Our African Hair Braiding provides plenty of stunning braiding services and styles including cornrows, micros, kinky twists, locks, tree braids, silky twists, pixie braids, flat twists, goddess braids, single or individual or box braids and much more. We’ve got a wide variety of hair that our professional braiders will help you select from as well as styles. Here are some of our favorite braid styles to give you a personalized look you’ll love.


Spunky Space Buns

Are you looking to have a bit of fun with your hair? Try these unique buns where we can incorporate a different number of buns and let some of your hair down in the back.

Crown Braid

The stunning milkmaid braids will have you ready for a special night out on the town. You’ll look nothing less than the Queen you are.

Bodacious Blonde

Whether you’re naturally blonde, have highlights, or jet-black hair, adding blonde extensions are a fun way to add a little flair to your box braids.

Edge Control

Baby hairs are in vogue right now. Our stylist will leave out your edges before beginning to braid, and let you style them anyway you like later.



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