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Box Braids

High Quality Box Braids for a Beautiful Look

It’s been about three decades since the traditional African braid style rose to popularity in the United States. And now they are as Box Braids are as fashionable a hairstyle option as ever. If you need a protective hairstyle that you can rock anywhere and feel confident and beautiful, we are here for you. You can use the style to add length if you like a longer look that you can throw over the should. Or keep a shorter length for something light and easy to manage. There’s no shortage of variety and option when it comes to Box Braids either. There are thousands of DIY tutorials online that will give you frizz management and maintenance tips while showcasing endless variations of braids.


Current trends sometimes involve integrating decorated metallic or colored thread, beads or colorful highlights to give you that extra IT factor and turn heads everywhere you go. Or just simple chunky braids that will give you that glamorous yet low maintenance style you need. If you’ve had enough of the same old ponytails and topknots, a versatile and elegant Box Braid style may be just what you need.


We’ve got all your favorite braid styles to get a personalized look you love.


Braided Bow

Tired of doing simple buns and ponytails and looking for a more unique updo? Try a braided bow with some braids left loose in the front. If you like extra flair, get some colored strands of hair as well.

Lovely Lob

Make a beauty statement with your hair cornrowed in the front, with box braids underneath.


Try a bit of color but you don’t have to go overboard. Try some box braids with blonde and brown extensions but kept her roots black so you can have a bit of fun without having to dye your own hair. Precisely styled with a big side fishtail braid on one side and bangs swept across the other, this style has a beautiful gradient effect.


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