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Get Quick and Comfortable Cornrows in Dover Delaware

Cornrows are a conventional, convenient, protective hairstyle with Braids that can be done in as many creative and unique ways you can imagine. They are also called canerows in the Caribbean and have been an ancient traditional African style for grooming har. The hair is braided very close to the scalp but is not overly tight to avoid stress or traction alopecia on your head. We can do simple straight-line designs or form all different kinds of complex curvilinear and geometric designs.


Our expert braid technicians are the best at what they do. You’ll get the cleanest and neatest Braids possible, while still getting in and out in a reasonable amount of time. So, you can save time and not have to commit your entire weekend to getting your hair done. We also have maintenance services providing careful washing of the hair and oiling of the scalp.


Cornrow hairstyles give your Braids a trendy look, but still keeps you in touch with your historical and cultural roots. Get a hairstyle that will magnify your individuality while expressing your identity in a natural way. Even the act of braiding is said to transmit cultural values between individual friends and generations.


We’ve got all your favorite braid styles to get a personalized look you love.


Half-Up, Half-Down

Achieve a wonderfully radiant look with box braids styled in a high pony up top and left loose on the bottom. Try an earth tone hue to your braids to perfectly complements your skin tone.

Tied Up

This is a knotted updo with multicolored box braids. You’ll be ready for any Carnival around the world with this festive style.

Bohemian Baby

Are you member of the #braidsgang. Try this extra-long box braid style. With a loose wavy texture at the end, you’ll get a be ready for the summer even if it’s still spring.

Faux Hawk

Mohawks used to be considered just a style for a rocker. But you can look like a soul sister with this lovely braided mohawk style that all purpose and all good.




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