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Hair Braiding

We Provide a Wide Range of Hair Braiding Solutions in Dover Delaware

Our superior Hair Braiding work stand out from the rest of our competitors. We are a locally owned hair salon with a track record of providing high quality service to our clients. We’ve got all the customized hair styles so you can have your own hair styled the way you want. Achieve any look you desire. Get some of the special offers we have available when you call us now or follow us on Facebook. Same day service is available for preferred customers.


Nowadays protective hairstyles don’t just have to be a summer thing. You can feel confident and professional wearing braids anytime of the year. They’re extremely easy to maintain and will give you the flexibility to change things up when you want. But finding a skilled Hair Braiding technician is not easy. Not everybody can properly do Senegalese twists or cornrows that will look good and last a long time. You also need an expert who can take care of you edges to keep them intact.

You have found the right place to take care of all your Hair Braiding needs. Here are some of our favorite braid styles to give you a personalized look you’ll love.


Jumbo Fishtail Braid

Get a versatile box braid look with a side-swept jumbo fishtail braid. Change things up with this flattering hair style.

Frayed Ends

Put a unique twist on the classic box braids look. We pull out the ends of your box braids for a cool crimped effect. Add some color for a more daring look.

Box Braid Bob

If your tired of carrying around the weight of too much har, this is a good style for you to try. The timeless face-framing box braid bob style. They’re very easy to maintain and won’t weigh down your hair.


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