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Protective Hairstyles

Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If your trying to grow back your hair, prevent hair damage or grow out your hair, our protective Hairstylist can improve the overall health of your hair. The protective hairstyles we give you make sure your hair is protected from the elements of your environment that may cause damage. But we’ll still make sure you look great whether you want a short, medium or long hairstyle.


Some of what our hairstylist offers include:

  • Short Twists
  • Corn Rows
  • Short Braids
  • Chignon
  • Low Twisted Buns
  • Beaded Braids
  • Top Knot
  • Sleek Buns
  • Space Buns
  • Bantu Knots
  • Braided Crown
  • Box Braids
  • Senegalese Twists
  • Braided Faux Hawk
  • Flat Twists
  • Twisted Low Bun
  • Halo Braid
  • Bun Mohawk
  • Ghana Braids
  • Chunky Box Braids
  • Crochet Braids
  • Dutch Roll
  • Double Halo Crown Braid
  • Havana Twists
  • Sade Braid

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