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Silk Press

Silky Smooth Fineness – Quality Silk Press

Our professional hairstylist are experts in promoting healthy hair with years of experience and expertise. So, if you’re looking for a Silk Press you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get an upgraded version of the traditional press and curl that you’ll love. The Silk Press service gives your natural hair the look like it’s been relaxed without all the harsh chemicals and damage. And this allows for a straight natural hair look that shines and is silky smooth and soft. Also, you get a hair style with a lot of body and movement for the best look possible. We use absolutely no grease when we give you a Silk Press. Instead, we use a light natural oil blend to add some shine to your hair without leaving it heavy and weighed down.


Hair Pre-Treatment

First, we start by removing all the dirt and oil from your hair ensuring its squeaky clean. Our refreshing shampoo and washing pretreatment ensure no old product or residue is left in your hair for the perfect foundation for great results. Next, we replenish and hydrate your hair to restore its health and strength using an intense moisture-based conditioner. And this gives your hair the hydration it needs to maintain its moisture throughout the length of your hair style without needing any additional products. Also, our leave in conditioner helps to untangle and further condition the hair.




High Quality & Affordable Prices

Hair Delaware

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