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Weave Hair

High Quality Professional Weaves for All Hair Types


Cheap synthetic weave hair extensions can do a lot of damage to your natural hair. Many women suffer from scalp irritation or traction alopecia. Often caused by many years of mismanagement with hair extensions. Some vendors are mixing in synthetic hair and even animal hair into their human hair extensions. So you should only buy the best and most dependable brands of weave hair. And make sure get exactly what you’re looking for. We have all the top brands available for sale here sourced from all over the world. Also, all our hair is checked meticulously and wash well before applying it to your scalp. We remove any potential debris that could irritate or damage your follicles.


Our professionals recommend keeping away from bonded weaves that use glue to attach extensions to your scalp. The chemicals in bonding glue suffocate your scalp. And can cause root breakage due to a lack of oxygen to your hair. Our weave hair specialists will give you a tidy cornrow braided base to attach sew in weave. So you get the healthiest option for your scalp. After about 4-6 weeks come back in to change your weave up to make sure your scalp can breathe. Failure to do so without washing can lead to hair loss and unsanitary conditions.



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