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Premium Weave Selection For All Styles


Hair extensions are generally used to achieve more volume, color and length to your hairstyle. Hair weave is great because you don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow when you feel like changing your hairstyle. We can add a variety of different textures to match your hair for a more natural look. Choose between human, synthetic, Indian hair and more.


Some women have more sensitive hair than others. And exposing it to harsh winter weather or extreme summer heat causes breakage. A weave can be a great option to help manage your hairstyles every couple of weeks. And still stay versatile with your look. If you want to grow your hair longer or give it a rest from harmful heat styling. Then hair extensions will work well for you.


Human hair extensions give you the most natural look and feel. These human hair extensions can be dyed, bleached, straightened, curled and more. The same way you would normal growing hair. High quality human hair extensions can last you a very long time. And even allows you to shampoo and condition it regularly.


It’s important to be careful when wearing weave hairstyles. They can cause damage to your natural hair underneath if not properly managed. The hair under a weave must be cared for the same way you would without a weave on top. Our hair specialists will make sure your braids underneath are properly done for minimal traction and prevent damage to sensitive scalps.



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